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Eike Berg: Anderes
Eike Berg: Anderes 27 / Katalog
Download for screen (PDF 13 MB)
Download in high resolution (PDF 72 MB)
published 2018, 120 pages, in German language including the description of 30 art works, the essay "Eike Berg: Cinematographic Being by Sándor Hornyik" as well as earlier reviews and a graphic cv. The English version will be published approx. in Summer, 2019.

Eike Berg: Cinematographic Being
Eike Berg / Kinomatografisches Sein von Sándor Hornyik
Katalog deutsch (PDF 10 MB)
ISBN 978-3-00-048240-3
Katalógus magyarul (PDF 11 MB)
ISBN 978-963-12-1262-4 published 2013, 48 pages, essay by Sándor Hornyik, images by Eike Berg (so far in German and Hungarian, an English version is planed)

Eike Berg: Lichtkunstarbeiten
Eike Berg / Lichtkunstarbeiten - Katalog
Katalog deutsch (PDF 5,7 MB)

Catalogue EIKE 1992-2002 (screen copy)
Catalogue in English, German, French and Hungarian (PDF, 2.6 MB)


press images connected to the exhibition of the nominees for the Nam June Paik Award at Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf

Eike: Cube, 3-Kanal-Videoinstallation

Cube - 11 stills from the video
(ZIP, 1,6 MB / 574x574 px)

Trap, Erika Deák Galerie, Budapest 2010, photo:  
Zoltán Kerekes
from the exhibition "Trap", Erika Deák Galerie, Budapest 2010, photo: Zoltán Kerekes
(JPG, 912 KB / 4368x2912 px)